Project Management Training

Want to improve the effectiveness of your project management capability? We provide in-person group training sessions that cover a myriad of topics with real-life examples. Our training sessions are highly interactive and draw upon the individual experiences of the actual participants. Our unique approach with real-life examples combined with interactive group participation has shown to improve project delivery by 70%.

Your teams can take advantage of the following training courses:

  1. Project Management Essentials
    An overview of all Project Management techniques
    (A condensed 4 hour version of this training is currently being offered for free)
  2. Why projects fail
    How to avoid pitfalls that can bring any project down
  3. Pre-planning activities
    What to do before your project even begins
  4. Project budget
    How to create and manage a project budget
  5. Project timeline
    How to create and manage a project timeline and plan
  6. How to motivate others
    Essential leadership skills to keep everyone motivated
  7. How to delegate
    How to ensure that work load is spread appropriately throughout the team
  8. Managing meetings
    Tips and tricks to host and facilitate successful meetings
  9. Effective communication
    How to communicate appropriately to all levels of the organization
  10. Time management
    Tips and tricks to getting the most of out of the time we have available
  11. Escalating issues
    When to escalate and highlight issues to the relevant stakeholders
  12. Organization Readiness and Change Management
    How to ensure that the organization is prepared for changes coming as a result of your project
  13. Trust
    How to build trust as a project manager
  14. Ownership
    How to build and showcase ownership
  15. Virtual meetings
    Best practices for a virtual workforce

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