Project Management Templates

As part of our core service, we offer templates that can be reused on all projects. These templates create a repeatable and standardized process for all projects.

  1. Status report. This one page document contains all the relevant information for your project, can be easily updated and can be shared across all stakeholders.
  2. Requirements document. This document contains a formal mechanism to record the needs of any new system. This document is referred back to at the end of a project to ensure that the project met its intended objectives.
  3. Project charter. This document provides in detail the objectives of the project and summarizes the overall approach.
  4. Resource plan. This documents lists all the resources needed for the project and highlights any gaps.
  5. Organization readiness. This document is critical to the success of any project. It captures the stakeholder analysis, communication plan, awareness plan, adoption plan, and training plan.
  6. Project plan. This template, available in multiple formats, tracks all the basic activities that any project should follow.

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