Project Management Office (PMO)

We help create a Project Management Office structure that is right for your organization.

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a group within your organization that defines and owns the methodology that all projects follow. The PMO ensures that all projects are run consistently and are making progress.

As a result of the PMO:

  1. Your entire organization gains visibility into the status of all project efforts
  2. Stakeholders can collaboratively mitigate any risks or issues
  3. Leaders can ensure appropriate resource allocation

There are two different types of Project Management Offices

  1. Centralized Project Management: In a centralized Project Management environment, the PMO runs all projects on behalf of the organization. Project Managers report directly into the PMO. At the onset of any project, the PMO will assign a project manager to manage and complete the effort.
  2. Decentralized Project Management: Standards, training, templates and some oversight falls to the responsibility of the PMO but the specific project managers report into other organizations.

Most organizations have a hybrid approach and are also supported by external resources. External resources can be brought in to run specific projects that have limited scope, strict timelines, or require specific skills.

A PMO should be tasked with the following activities:

  • Develop the methodology that all projects follow
  • Maintain a repository that contains and exposes all relevant project data
  • Provide coaching and oversight to all projects
  • Maintain templates and tools for all project managers to utilize
  • Create a mechanism to prioritize all project ideas
  • Facilitate risk and issue resolution

As part of our core service, we help develop a Project Management Office structure that is right for your organization.

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