Autodesk Fabrication Database

A national construction company had the vision of consolidating all of their division’s autodesk fabrication databases into one corporate database. Each division developed their own digital representations or content that they used for their drawings or models. As individual divisions needed to access other division’s models, the databases would be replicated across the entire enterprise. A centralized fabrication database provided the benefit of having to create the digital representations or content only once across the entire enterprise.

XL-Lead Consulting was approached to help manage the entire effort.


  • Before the project even began a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis was conducted to ensure that the project would provide the necessary value
  • The scope, plan and objectives of the effort were communicated to all relevant stakeholders


  • Vendors were solicited and selected to help develop the centralized digital representations or content for both CADmep ITMs and REVIT Product Families
  • The items that needed to be built were quantified so that we could develop a detailed timeline and budget

Build and Design

  • Vendors started developing the digital representations or content
  • Internal team members reviewing the content and incorporated into the fabrication databases
  • A centralized proof of concept Fabrication Database was built and tested across various divisions
  • With the proof of concept complete, the remaining content, product families and services were built


  • A summit was planned where all constructability leaders, BIM leaders and key detailers were invited to test the system before final implementation
  • A support model was created so that users could reach out to request new content and to resolve issues