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We’re offering a free assessment of your project management capability. This free assessment will look at your current methodology of running projects and will help determine if a project management office is right for you.

We’ve built our entire success on helping organizations improve the way they run projects. We want to share that success with you.

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Most projects do not succeed. Either they do not complete in a timely manner, they run over budget, or worse, they do not meet their intended objectives.

This can happen for many reasons:

  • Projects may be planned or estimated poorly
  • There may be a lack of executive sponsorship and buy-in
  • Project goals may not be properly defined or well understood
  • Appropriate resources may not be allocated
  • Ineffective coordination among team members

Whatever the case, establishing a project management approach increases your chances of success. We are offering a free assessment of your approach, methodology, controls, templates and capability. Read more about the value of a fully functioning project management office.
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