Governance Framework

For a large national company, XL-Lead Consulting put together a Governance Framework that enabled the IT organization to align their projects with the overall company strategy.

At the onset, XL-Lead Consulting team members first met with the IT leadership to understand the stakeholders that should have a voice in shaping the IT road-map. From there, we helped determine which committees should exist and their specific membership. These committees ensured we had participation from all levels of the business. Some committees were more strategic in nature, while others were more tactical and focused on execution. Some committees had greater participation from the IT organization while others had great business attendees.

Each committee also had a different function. Some committees were responsible for generating project ideas, other committees helped score project ideas, and other committees were responsible for approving the scored projects and multi-year road maps.

The Governance Framework ensured that IT efforts had participation from all levels of the company and that all IT led project efforts reflected a genuine need from the business.