XL-Lead Consulting – Leading Firm in Orange County

COSTA MESA – Got a business problem you’re trying to resolve? Consulting Firm XL-Lead based in Irvine, CA wants to solve it for you. Made up of highly proficient Directors, Project Managers, Analysts and Developers from various Fortune 500 companies around the globe, XL-Lead Consulting seems poised to take on the task.

“We only hire the best performers,” says Principle Sukh Chugh. “We like to understand every individuals performance score and assess their true capability before bringing them on to our team.”

The projects that XL-Lead has managed so far has ranged in complexity, size, and geography. A recent TMF initiative required them to standardize a global process for developing the Target Master File (TMF) for a large Life Sciences Company. XL-Lead’s staff in Beijing, in addition, to its Irvine employees helped make that vision a reality.

While the TMF Initiative project consisted mainly of developing, harmonizing, and rolling out new business processes, the Investigator Portal project was more technical in nature.  As Pharmaceutical companies spend a considerable amount of energy and money into exchanging information with their Investigator Sites, XL-Lead Consultants worked to develop a technology that would streamline that interaction. Functionality consisted of document exchange, digital signature, a Physician View, and a Clinical Operations View. The entire platform was built on Force.Com a leading edge development platform.

XL-Lead Consulting prides itself on being ‘Metrics Obsessed,’ capturing information on employee productivity and client satisfaction. All of their clients so far seem to be tremendously appreciative of the work completed so far.

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