Project Management Office

For a national construction company, XL-Lead Consulting developed a project management methodology and instituted a Project Management Office. Without the Project Management Office in place, the organization was running projects haphazardly and without the appropriate project management rigor. Each IT area was managing projects their own way, and few mechanisms existed to control quality, cost and speed.

XL-Lead Consulting custom tailored a methodology to fit the size and complexity of the client. As the organization currently had nothing in place, a new over-bearing process would have been difficult for Project Managers to adopt.

The implemented methodology allowed for different controls depending on the size of the project. Small projects could proceed forward with minimal required deliverables, whereas medium and large sized projects required additional rigor.

In addition to the methodology, XL-Lead Consulting also created template documents to standardize the way all project documentation was created. The following templates were created: Project Status Form, Project Charter, Requirements Document, Resource Plan, Project Budget, Project Plan, and Organization Readiness Plan.

Training was then conducted to all members of the organization to develop their Project Management skill-set as well as to explain the methodology in detail.

A tracker was developed in SharePoint to track the progress of every project. This provided visibility of every effort throughout the organization. Tableau reports were created to showcase the progress of all active projects, to document completed projects, and to help prepare for upcoming efforts. These reports are now readily shared across the entire organization.

As part of the Project Management Office, a bi-weekly gate review is also conducted to provide the appropriate oversight on all project efforts.

Instituting the Project Management Office has increased the visibility, quality, speed and cost effectiveness of all technology efforts.