Executive Dashboard

XL-Lead Consulting recently worked with a national construction company to develop and implement an Executive monthly dashboard for Corporate IT leadership.

IT leadership was looking to understand key metrics, develop a process for data capture and display, and accurately share department performance to senior leadership. In addition, they wanted to share the information in a graphic, simple format and leverage industry benchmarks to compare performance with competitors.

“We were able to identify the important measures to be utilized (for example, KTLO vs. Invest), research industry data to identify relevant benchmarks, and develop a visually appealing dashboard using Tableau,” says senior consultant Sateen Sheth. “The dashboard has been live for several months and has improved the ability of the department to be perceived as trusted advisors to senior leadership.”

“We will continue to think about additional tools for analysis that will support organizational needs,” continues Sheth. “In the future, we hope to develop an internal dashboard for IT leadership that allows them to precisely evaluate and compare department performance.”