Material Standards Management System

A national company had the vision of building a foundational system that would track all their material standards. Material standards, historically, were stored in spreadsheets across various divisions providing little visibility into the purchasing decisions across the entire enterprise.

XL-Lead Consulting was requested to manage the entire effort. The multi-year effort first started developing a case to proceed.

Pre-Planning Stage

  • Even before the project started, presentations were delivered to develop a case for the new effort.
  • An estimated timeline and budget was created.

Analysis Stage

  • We sought out vendors to assist with the system development effort.
  • Vendors was selected and requirements gathering commenced.
  • A communication plan was created to ensure that the organization would be ready for the change once the system was complete.

Design and Build Stage

  • The vendor began development of the system and sprint reviews were conducted to ensure quality.
  • Once the core functionality was developed, requirements gathering commenced for next phase functionality.